Wisdom To Create A Beautiful World E-book



This is a collection of the best life wisdom of a young man.

Coming from a humble background, Lance Ong was one of the youngest Trainers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Singapore.

These stories are from his personal experience and it represents the highest wisdom available to him at the time.
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Fast Cars, Clubbing, and Fantasies Filling Your Lives?


My friend, we are not getting any younger…. no one pays attention to the subtle cultivation of character anymore…. It all seems to be that people are denigrating. “Big boobies, softer tushies, fast cars, love triangles, rat races, and even my dog is cuter than yours.”

Let’s face it. People are stuck. In a world of Hedonistic Indulgence or at least they aspire to it. They get caught up in what everyone else is doing, which is making money and trying to enjoy themselves. People follow the herd and if the herd says “Let’s party!” Then they all do.

Good people don’t follow the herd. They follow the path of self-cultivation and due dilligence. They become Leaders of the Good Pack rather than the Slaves of Hedonism.

There was a young man called Lance Ong, who is not a rebel nor a genius. But a simple young man with his head screwed on tight. Lance Ong wanted to teach people to avoid the Hedonistic Trap and Use their Force of Character to mould Truth, Meaning, and Happiness in Life.

Wisdom To Create a Beautiful World is his Journal of Deepest Thoughts he wished to pass on to people who are trapped in the cycle of earning and spending in a luxurious world. These are his writings to help you find Truth, Meaning, and Happiness in Life.

How Old is Lance Ong, actually?

Lance Ong was 24 when he began writing his journal. He wrote it for 4 years till he was 28. Everything this observant young man would find interesting and even painful and funny can be found in his little dirty journal.

So what’s inside?

This journal compiles all his highest truths over four full years. You will read things that, for example, give you a Bird’s Eye View of Lust and Sex Addiction from the viewpoint of a virile young man. You will learn about the Two Heads men have and how the vicious Titty-tainment of the world suppresses us.

You will be guided to understand Truths about Love which will lead you to finding a True Partner who loves You for YOU rather than Who you are, what you look like or how much money you have. These are Three Articles in the All About Love series, where Lance acts as Aunt Agony, answering heart-wrenched jilted men and giving them pointers on how to get the girl of their dreams.

You will even see how Lance survives a car accident where he barely scrapes by with his head in “Life and Death in a Day”. Check out how his favourite little Mr Bean car might have made it to Car Heaven.

On a higher note, Lance wants to share with you his Philosophy for Greatness and where a man can learn to be a Man’s Man in the beautiful article, “The Measure of a Man”. Then he goes on to teach you Moral Consciousness in the “Three Pillars of Righteous Living”, where the message speaks, “To master your destiny, you must first master your Self.” Use these principles to  craft your memetic legacy.

In this secret journal, we also uncover The World’s Greatest Lie and understand How it drags down everyone who believes in it.

In another article, we hear Lance describe the Secret World of Spirits and their Unfathomable Lives. Did you know Ghosts and Spirits exist? For REAL?! Let Lance tell you….

Lance then talks about the M-word – MONEY. Without it, where are you? Who are you? Learn what it takes to transfer yourself from the DUMPSTERS to the Cruiseship of Paradise!

Wisdom To Create a Beautiful World is a Journal of Beautiful Writings. Finely crafted, humorously phrased. Great for an excellent bed-time read.

It represents all of a young man’s highest learnings and wisdom. Drink deep from Good Authors, it is often said. And THIS GUY is definitely one of them.

At the tender age of 17, Lance Ong became one of the World’s Youngest Trainers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. A true prodigy.

Reading this Journal, you take a refreshing view of an eccentric young man’s mind and allow it to delight your mental tastebuds. Now for only S$17, buy this Journal and read it from cover to cover. Then share it with a friend for laughs. It is truly a gift from the Heart.



Chapter 1: Controlling Lust and Sexual Energy
Discover the Secret of Sex Transmutation
“Titty-Tainment”- The Vicious Success Suppressant
The Two Head
Where is Happiness?

Chapter 2: Moral Philosophy
The Golden Rule: “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Others Do Unto You”
The Measure of a Man
Three Pillars of Righteous Living: “Controlling Your Thoughts to Control Your Life”
Making Conscious Choices

Chapter 3: Achieving Personal Greatness
If You Want to Be Young & Successful, Use Time Wisely.
The Magic of Dreaming Big
Pursue Your Interests to Find Your Talent
Money, Money, Come to Me!
Looking Beyond Materialism

Chapter 4: Life Wisdom
How to Have a Beautiful Life in a Mad Dash Society
Competing With Others
If You Want to Be Happy, Smell the Flowers
Never Be Afraid to Approach the Hunk or Babe
The World’s Greatest Lie

Chapter 5: Spiritual Awareness
SPIRITS – The World We Cannot See
Life & Death in a Day
Almost Died Today
The Power of Sixth Sense
The Soul’s Path

Chapter 6: All About Love
Part 1: Not Being Able to Find a Partner
Part 2: Finding a Suitable Partner
Part 3: Creating Lasting Love

All this Wisdom and Knowledge and Good Spirit worth Millions of Dollars in Experience… poured out for less than a few cents per page? That’s Mind-blowing AWESOME VALUE!

You must, must Read This Journal NOW! Even the most seasoned reader is going to chuckle at Lance’s insights.

You must absolutely buy this book before it is rewritten by old man Lance.  Raw is best and fresh and funny is what this book promises.

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